For over three decades, our primary business has been  the construction and testing of fluid flow models and related systems, using both physical and CFD modeling techniques

Project Areas


Coal/Oil/Gas Fired Utilities

Pulp & Paper Facilities

Combustion Systems

Co-Gen Facilities


Oil & Natural Gas Facilities

Waste Incineration


Our team of dedicated engineers and technicians have the expertise and experience needed to provide a comprehensive scope of consulting services for a broad range of project types

  • Fluid Flow Systems
  • Thermal Mixing Systems
  • Stress Analysis
  • Structural & Mechanical Systems
  • Fabrication of Specialized Parts
  • Aerodynamic & Structural Flow Studies

Unique System Solutions

We have a strong reputation for developing innovative system designs to meet client desired performance objectives for major companies, in all industries

Our solutions begin as a concept and are rapidly developed in house using a variety of techniques


  • Physical & CFD Modeling
  • Bench Scale Testing
  • Pilot Level Testing
  • Laboratory & Field Testing
  • Prototyping & Implementation of Full Scale  Systems

Examples of Systems Developed and Tested for our clients


  • Waxer/Re-oiler System - Warrick, Indiana
  • Potash After Burner /Overfire System - Trona, California
  • Catalyst Based Ammonia Destruction System - Baltimore,  Maryland
  • Experimental IR Paper Dryer - Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Silencer System - Windsor, Ontario
  • Oxy-Fuel Burner System - Chicago, Illinois
  • Low Cost/Plug-Free Soda-Ash Hydrator System - Warrick indiana
  • HRSG Flow Distribution Screen - Klamath Falls, Oregon

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